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 *We earned an "A" on our South Carolina Report Card!  Take a look: https://ed.sc.gov/data/report-cards/2014/elem/s/e2201024.pdf 

South Strand Optimist Club Character Award
Courage Award

Reagan Greene & Ms. Pyatt-Kindergarten
Author Kathleen Fox
Author Kathleen Fox did a FANTASTIC job with our 2nd and 3rd grade classes! She really enjoyed working with our students and complimented their creativity and cooperation.  2nd graders have a firm grasp on what it takes to take an idea and have it actually result in a published book.  3rd graders know better than ever how far-reaching plagiarism is in our world today and how it can affect each one of our futures if we are caught doing it in any media.  They know they have to give credit for information/art/music/video they use if it did not originate in their very own brain!


**2nd Graders ~ This is for you!**

School Events
•  Dolphin Spirit Day
•  3rd Grade ACT Aspire State Testing
•  Rainbow Run Assembly
•  3rd Grade State Test: Writing and English
•  3rd Grade Test: Reading
•  3rd Grade Test: Math
•  Dolphin Spirit Day
2014 - 2015 WES Teacher of the Year
Amy Kitowicz WES 2014 - 2015 TOY
  Amy Kitowicz 2014 - 2015 WES Teacher of the Year

Congratulations Dolphins!