Beverly Thompson Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Third Grade


     I am a graduate of South Carolina State University, where I have earned a Bachelor of Science in child development and early childhood education.  I have taken and continue to take curriculum and learning based courses and workshops through varied colleges and universities.


   Since 1988, I have been a primary teacher, Adventurer Club instructor, and education secretary at church as well as a public school educator.  At the end of the 2012-13 school term, I had been teaching for 25 years in Georgetown County.  All of those wonderful years have been in third grade at WES.


    My parents had eight children, and I am the seventh of 4 brothers and 3 sisters.  I grew up in Georgetown County and always enjoyed going to school, where my favorite subject was English.  

    During my early years at WES, I met and married Mr.Thompson.  We have two talented children, and we all love spending time with family and friends, participating in church activities, playing basketball, going to the beach, and listening to music.  We are life-long learners, and we believe that everyone can learn and can contribute something positive to our world.